(Tyrell sits down at his computer at home and begins to  email Monica)


Words can’t express how I feel.  Whatever I did to you I am so sorry.  No one had any idea you were alive. Why didn’t you just call?  Come by?  Why did it have to come to this? But I’m going to give you what you want.  You have taken so much from me and I should return the favor…

But that’s not me.  All I need from you is the address of the courthouse and a time. I won’t even need my lawyer for this…



Tyrell:  God forgive me, for I know not what I am going to do.

(Monica emails back in a matter of minutes)


You’re right, you won’t need your lawyer. What you will need is to bring the kids with you so they can go home with me. I have something very near and dear to you that I know will make you hand them over to me. Yes, you are sorry; a sorry excuse for a man and a father.

The address you will need to meet me at is 4820 Langley Court. The time is 4:a.m. TOMORROW Since it’s the weekend, it shouldn’t be a problem. See you there.


The Devil’s Daughter


Pray for Justin and Nicole.

(Tyrell sheds a tear)

Tyrell:  I never thought… that this would come to this.

T.J. Dad you okay?  What did the police say?

Tyrell:  They have to investigate son.  Go get your sister.  I need to talk to the both of you.

Monica:  What’s going on daddy?

Tyrell:  Ya’ll are my babies, and regardless of how old ya’ll get… Ya’ll will be my babies.  (Sigh) Your mom… Your mom was a sweet woman upon me meeting her. Angelic… Wonderful… Almost perfect. The only thing was… she always wanted things her way and in this world that’s not how it works.  Now, I am not going to lie to you all and say I did everything right, but one thing I did do was stay faithful to her until we ended.  Your aunt Nicole used to be my wife and Uncle Justin used to be married to your mom.  You all are too young to remember. We had a huge fight all of us and… it ended in a car crash which is why I get a check now on top of my pay from the job. Your mom went to jail and I bailed her out, trying to be a good person and she was said to be hit by a car upon release.  I thought she was dead. We all did but… apparently she didn’t die. And now… she wants to take ya’ll away from me. I know I have not been the best father or the perfect example of what being grown is and… (starts to cry)  I… just hope you can forgive me for the wrongs I have done and the things I have hidden. I just wanted to protect you and I wish none of this would have ever happened.  Please forgive me…

T.J. Dad… I forgive you, but I don’t feel you have anything to be sorry for.  You have taken care of us from day one, stepped up to the plate like many men don’t do.  I love and respect you for that.

Monica:  I love you daddy…. I always will.  You my hero, my rock.

Tyrell:  Well, your mom has made a request… She wants me to meet her and bring y’all with me.  Are you willing to go?  I promise nothing is gong to happen to you.

T.J.:  When and where daddy?

Monica:  I’ll go daddy. Anything for you.

Tyrell:  I don’t know exactly where ya’ll, but we are going to get through this together.  Get some sleep now okay?  We have to be up early for this…

T.J. and Monica:  How early?

Tyrell:  We have to be there at 4.

(T.J. and Monica head to bed immediately)


Tyrell:  Ya’ll ready to meet your mom?

T. J. :  As I’l ever be at 3 in the morning

Monica:  Momma must’ve been an early bird.  Glad we got all your traits!

Tyrell: (Laughs) Girl get in the car.

(They head to the address)

Tyrell:  Oh my God…

T.J. Are you sure this is the right address dad?

Monica:  This place is nasty, creepy and dirty… Who’s that!?!

(Monica points at a hooded figure near a door as it walks in)

Tyrell:  I think you all know who that was… Do you guys want to stay in the car?  I’m letting you make your first decision on your own right now.

T.J. :  Well, in that case… let’s go daddy.

Monica:  I ain’t saying in this car by myself so I’m goin too!

Tyrell:  Monica!  I’ve done what you asked! Now come on out so we can handle this! Stay close to me…

(From the shadows)

Voice:  It’s not Monica anymore… Its Desdemona, because I should have listened to my dad about you!

(Desdemona appears )

Tyrell:  Is that what this is all about?  The lies you told to be with me? Desdemona we were young but look at the blessings that came from it.

(Desdemona looks at the kids)

Desdemona:  My… children. (sheds a tear and reaches for them)

(Tyrell steps in the way)

Tyrell:  Don’t you dare touch them!

Desdemona:  Give me my kids! Or…

(Desdemona flips a light switch to reveal Nicole and Justin tied down laying over a pit of battery acid and a blade ready to swing back and forth over them)

Desdemona:  Their lives are in your hands Tyrell… Nicole is already critical.  Figured you would care more for her than Justin. So what is it going to be Mr. I have all the answers?

Tyrell:  You’re a sick bitch…

Desdemona:  And my kids are the cure!

(Desdemona runs to the top of the stairs and Tyrell follows)

T.J.:  Dad!

Tyrell:  T.J. I need you to be strong for me okay?  Protect your sister.

Desdemona:  Mommy will be there soon sweethearts!  So what’s your decision?  I push this red button they die.  I push this blue button, they live with minor injuries.

Tyrell:  So either way I make the decision to inflict pain on them…

Desdemona:  Them being paralyzed won’t be so bad.

Tyrell:  Why are you doing this!?!

Desdemona:  Because you never listened to me!  You never wanted me!  Then you marry my best friend!?!

Tyrell:  Hell you married my best friend!  It’s called life woman!  Things happen that we can’t control!  We are only in control of our own actions!  Look at our kids, crying! Scared! Is that what you want!?! Look at those whom you once loved! One in critical condition and the other scared out of his mind!  And it all boils down to us! If you want revenge take it out on me!  Hurt me!  Kill me!  But let them go!  None of them deserve this!

Desdemona:  (Cries more)  I wish you loved me the way you loved everyone else… (Steps toward the edge)  You know, we never got a chance to get married, but I said I would always love you til death did us part. (Steps again)

Tyrell:  Des don’t do this..

Desdemona:  Take this ring… The last I have for you. There is a green button on the other side to close the pit and stand them upright to untie them. I lied, I love you forever Tyrell, not til just death do us part.  Take care of our kids….

Tyrell:  Des no!

(Desdemona jumps into the pit of batter acid)

T.J. No!

Monica:  Omg!

(T.J. runs up the steps)

T.J. why did you push her off the ledge!?!

Tyrell:  Son I…

(T. J. hits Tyrell over and over again)

(Monica runs up to stop him)

Monica:  T.J. Stop!  She jumped!  You and I both saw it!

T.J. :  Bullshit!  He pushed her!  He’s going to jail!

Tyrell:  After all I have done for you… You’re going to send me to jail on a lie!?!

T.J.  Somebody has to avenge mom’s death.

(T.J. calls the police from his cell phone)

Tyrell:  God have mercy on you boy.  God have mercy on you.

(Monica hits the green button and unties Justin and Nicole)

(The police arrive)

T.J. :  Officers arrest this man!  He is the cause of all of this!

Tyrell:  Officers I can explain everything.

Officer:  I’m sorry sir, but we have to take you into custody.  We aren’t here because he called.  A woman by the name of Monica called us saying a many the name Tyrell was assaulting her.  Is she here?  Sir, are you indeed that Tyrell?

Tyrell:  Officer I did not assault anyone.

T.J. Yes you did and pushed her into the battery acid!

Monica:  Officer he is lying!

Officer:  Alright that’s enough.  Sir, you are under arrest.  Anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law.  IF you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for you.








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