(Tyrell flashes back)

Reporter: 32 year old-black female dead on arrival to the hospital after she was accidentally hit by a car.  She was said to be jumping for joy in the street when the car hit her.

Tyrell:  It can’t be… It just can’t

Nicole:  Well, what does the letter say?

(Tyrell reads the letter)

Tyrell:  “To my sweet and wonderful Ty:  I am back from the dead so it seems.  It’s funny what you can do with money isn’t it? Especially when you have so much of it that almost anyone or anything seems to have a price.  Yet, the one we have all paid is something even money can’t fix?  Tell Justin I said fuck him just like I know he’s still fucking Nicole, though legally he’s still married to me.  I got my half of the divorce.  Maybe he should do the same. Also tell Nicole I’m sorry about the miscarriage.  Everyone isn’t meant to be a mother.  And you sir… I’m going to get right to the point… I WANT MY KIDS. You selfish bastard!  You know the only reason you even had them to begin with was because I was unstable.  You agreed to give them back and I want them.  All you have to do is meet me at the courthouse to settle this. I have an email you can reach me at engraved at the bottom.  I hope to hear from you soon


P.S. Don’t even think about trying to find me before we meet.  I don;t go by Monica anymore.

Justin:  …

Nicole: …

Tyrell; …

Tyrell:   There’s no way in hell she’s taking my kids away from me!

Nicole:  Fuck that!  That bitch said I can’t be a mother!?! I swear we gone find her!

Justin:  So… I’m still married yo… But how does she know all of this?

Tyrell:  I don’t know, but I am sure as hell going to find out…

(T.J. and Monica are peeking around the corner and listening)

T.J.:  Damn…

Monica:  T.J.!

T.J.:  I’m sorry, but you know what this means…

Monica:  Not exactly… who is Monica?

T.J.:  Monica is our mom.  That’s why dad never wanted to talk about her.  She supposedly died years ago when we were younger.  He told me not to tell you because he didn’t feel your were ready.

Monica:  so I guess you thought I was just now…

T.J.:  Well now we know she’s not dead and I bet that’s the woman…

Monica:  What T.J.?

T.J.: Well…. this cut on my wrist is in the shape of an “M”.

Monica:  Wait… you think mom cut you!?!

T.J.:  Come on, let’s go to your room and talk before we get caught.

(T.J. and Monica go to Monica’s room)

T.J.:  I can’t believe this…

Tyrell:  I can’t believe this..

Justin:  Hell none of us can… So she just wants the kids?  Just give her visitation rights man… The kids are almost grown now anyway, but why of all times does she want to be in their lives?

Tyrell:  I can;t be entirely sure man (Tyrell coughs) As much as it hurts me to do… I am going to have to go to war with her on this one…

Nicole:  Ty, just try to come to a compromise via email first. Then if she doesn’t want to hear it, do what you have to do.

Tyrell:  I just think this is deeper than the kids…

Justin:  What happened was years ago, do you really think she held on all of this time?

Tyrell:  Dude, you heard the letter!  She is back with a vengeance!  We all have to watch our backs… Look guys, I’m tired.  I need some time with God Before I go to bed.

Nicole:  Guess that’s our cue to leave.  Alright boo, goodnight

Justin:  Aight man, call us if you need anything.

Tyrell:  Will do

(Tyrell kneels next to his bed for prayer)

Tyrell:  Our father who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name… Lord, I need you.  I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that you are God and nothing is impossible with you.  I need you now in this situation more than ever.  I am scared.  I am afraid of losing my kids.  I am afraid of losing it all.  Keep me Lord.  Don’t let me fall by the wayside because of the past.  Have mercy on me through this and let me be victorious in the end. In your name I proclaim victory.  Amen.

(Tyrell) pulls back his sheets)

Tyrell:  Oh my God!

(T.J. and Monica run into the room)

T.J.:  Dad what’s wrong!?!

Monica:  What happened!?!  Is that a snake!?! Omg!!!!

Tyrell:  T.J. take your sister to your room, now!

(Tyrell reads the note on the dead snake next to a camera on the bed)

“I hope you like my symbols.  I am going to expose you for the snake you are then let time kill you.  I will have mu kids one way or another. ”


The Devil’s Daughter

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