I’m a poet mostly unknown

But praised and marveled by those

Who read the words I put

Together as if they’re biblical

Etched in stone

Written from the heart

To pierce the soul

And challenge the mind to grow

But never expanding a fan base

But also never moved by quantity

But rather loyalty

My stanzas are never standard

A fire hazard so beware

Before you read

I am working towards a goal

Pushing hard and never running-back”

In retreat

I am in this til the biter-sweet end

I take my language to the limit

My diction to it’s deepest depth

My voice to vacant venues for all

To hear

I don’t discriminate

But rather try to relate

And for those who don’t support…

I love you and kiss my behind

And put your head in a beehive

Without or without you

I leave a legacy behind

I will be greater than great

I will be the greatest…

Of all time

Dead or alive

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