T. J.: Dad,  I really need to get this off my chest

Tyrell:  We will talk after dinner, now go wash up.   It’s already late

Monica:  Daddy, do you want me to warm the hen up in the oven?

Tyrell:  Yes, for about 10 minutes okay?  Nicole, can you help her please?  You remember what happened last time we left that girl in the kitchen.

Nicole:  Um… yea, I’ll be right there.

Tyrell:  Hey, you okay?  You’ve been acting strange ever since we left the hospital.  Everything alright?

Nicole:  Yea, I’m fine.  I was just thinking on some things.

Justin:  Yo bro, how about that talk?

Tyrell:  After dinner.  T.J. said he wants to talk too so right after that.  Alright, everybody ready for dinner?   Moni, go get your brother out of the bathroom please.

Monica:  T.J.!  Daddy said come on it’s time to eat!

Tyrell:  God, I know you said be specific when I ask you for things, but I didn’t think I had to be specific when I tell my kids to do something… Monica I could have done that.  I specifically said go get your brother out of the bathroom.

Monica:  And I did daddy. See, there he go.

Tyrell:  The point is I told you to go get him.  That involves movement.

Monica:  My voice carried daddy, so I moved since it was my voice.

Tyrell:  I… will deal with you later. Grace has been said.  Let’s eat.

(Dinner is served)

Nicole:  T.J. Could you pass the potatoes please?

T.J.: (Stares off into space)

Tyrell:  Son, please pass Nicole the potatoes.

T.J. (Continues to stare off into space)

Tyrell:  T.J.?

T.J.:  (Continues to stare off into space)

Tyrell:  T.J.!

T.J. :  Sir?

Tyrell:  Please excuse us y’all.  In the kitchen.  Now.

T.J.: I’m sorry.

Tyrell:  What’s wrong with you!?!  What the hell is going on!?!

T.J.:  That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.  I didn’t scrape myself or anything.  Somebody cut my wrist.

Tyrell:  I told you about messing with those boys smoking and crap!

T.J.:  No, it wasn’t them.  I was alone. It was a lady. She put something over my mouth and nose and I blacked out after she did it.

Nicole:  Well I don’t give a damn about what you have accomplished!  I’m talking about now!

Justin:  Well fuck you!  I turned my life around for you and this how you treat me!?!

Tyrell:  Hey!  What the hell is going on in here!?!

Justin:  I’m sorry bro I gotta go!

Tyrell:  But I thought you wanted to talk?

Justin:  No reason to now! I wouldn’t have a baby with her if my life depended on it!

(Knock at the door!

Justin:  Who the fuck is it!?!  There’s nobody home.

(Justin opens the door and sees a handwritten letter on the porch)

Justin:  Who the fuck delivers mail at night.  Bro, this is for you though.

(Gives letter to Tyrell)

Tyrell:  Oh my God…

Monica:  What is it daddy?

Tyrell:  Kids go get ready for bed, I need to talk to Nicole and Justin alone.

T.J.:  But dad what about

Tyrell:  We will talk about more tomorrow, okay.  Guys… sit down.

Nicole:  What’s gong on?  Whose that letter from?

Justin:  Yea man, c’mon.  You have me scared as hell right now.

Tyrell:  Y’all I hope someone is playing with me.  This letter is from…

Justin: Who?

Nicole:  Yea, who?


Tyrell:  Monica…

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