Tyrell: Hey son, how are you feeling? I know you were probably expecting me to be mad at you or yell, but your well being is my only concern at the moment. What did the doctors say?

T.J.: The said I passed out because of a scratch I have. I lost a lot of blood. They said something about cap pistols or something not closing the hole up. I’m like I have no idea what they’re talking about.

Monica: It’s capillaries big brother… Lord have mercy.

Dr. Eisenhower: I’m sorry folks, there’s only two visitors at a time.

Justin: Brother we ain’t visitors, we family. Ya dig?

Nicole: Get yourself out here in the waiting room with me and stop being an ass!

Tyrell: Doc, I need to speak with you in private about something

Dr. Eisenhower: Of course, of course.

Tyrell: Have you run any tests on him.

Dr. Eisenhower: We have run all of the tests we need to run. Everything checks out normal. It’s just that the cut was deeper than the usual cut is all.

Tyrell: I was asking because, well… you know my condition and the condition his mother had.

Dr. Eisenhower: I am aware and just like I told you long ago there are no signs of it on our screenings of he or Monica. I assure you there is nothing to worry about.

T.J. Dad, I need to talk to you when we get home.

Tyrell: Ok, when they release you and everything checks out we will talk at home okay? For now just enjoy that bed I have to pay for.

T.J. I’m sorry…

Tyrell: Now isn’t the time. We will talk about it later.

Monica: Daddy, I’m hungry. We should go get something to eat

Tyrell: Soon baby.

(Meanwhile in the waiting room)

Nicole: Why the hell do you always have to do this when we go out to places?

Justin: Would you rather me be anyone but me? Isn’t that who you told me to be when you met me?

Nicole: Look, lets not go back in the past, that’s why I’ve been snapping lately. It’s just… I see how Monica and T.J. are growing and… I mean… What if I didn’t miscarry? I could have one of my won right now.

Justin: Listen, everything happens for a reason okay? Obviously God was telling you then wasn’t the time and he was telling me I wasn’t ready for a child because Lord knows I’m immature!

Nicole: (laughs) This isn’t supposed to be funny!

Justin: Life is nothing if you don’t find moments that make you smile. Why can’t it be every moment? That’s why I joke so much. All jokes aside, I wonder too, but all we can do is move on and thank God we are still living.

Nicole: I guess you;re right…

Monica: Why they taking him out in a wheelchair? He can walk!

Tyrell: So the hospital doesn’t get sued sweetie, it’s protocol.

Monica: Well put me in a wheelchair too!

Tyrell: Girl get in the car and stop being messy now! Everybody ready?

Nicole: (wipes tears) Yes, I’m ready.

Tyrell: Y’all too okay over there? Is it Justin’s breath again Nicole?

Justin: Very funny… Nah, she cried because it’s sad how ugly you are.

Tyrell: Haha, alright I’ll give you that. We got dinner warming. Y’all still coming to eat?

Nicole: Yea, I’m hungry

Justin: Ty, I need yo talk to you later on man

Tyrell: Alright, cool. Let’s get out of here.

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