Feels like…
I’m staring down the barrel
Of a gun with my hand on
The other end
Begging for it to be triggered
By the same ones who
Told me to take risks
And ended up hanging
Me out to dry…
Might as well have told me to
Commit suicide
If you weren’t going to get off
Your high horse
To do what you said
You would do and support!
The way I speak and write is rhetorical,
My words orbit to and fro
Between stars to make them glow
But you will never understand
That’s why you sit
Because most are horrible
And actually getting metaphors
I’m about five seconds away
From my heart exploding
Onto paper from the pressure
Brought on the liars that said
I was ahead of the time
But now I looks and
The vision is…
Time has passed me by
I’ve been dead this whole time
Living like I’m alive
But actually living a lie
A poem I wrote after a long while
And just realized I wrote my own life
Thanks for nothing
I know truth now and
I put it to use
No excuse…
I failed. Then I looked around
Everboy bailed

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