T.J.:  God…. who am I?  Who are you? I was told you created me. But, why would you create me to go through so much hell? I’m on a journey to find myself and find you.  They say you know everything, but I thought I would let you know. (Inhales the blunt) My daddy gone kill me when he finds out I skipped school. I hope Monica don’t tell.

Tyrell:  Monica, where is your brother?  And don’t tell me you don’t know.  Y’all stick together harder than overcooked rice in a pan.

Monica:  Well daddy when he was on the bus this morning and after we got off he didn’t come to breakfast.  You know he does that sometimes.  I figured he was staying late to watch Candace practice.

Tyrell:  Watch Candace or watch Candace in general? That boy isn’t head over heels, he’s head on heels!  Bending over backwards for that girl.  He got it honest though.

Monica:  What do you mean he got it honest daddy?  Who did you bend over backwards for?

Tyrell:  Baby that’s not important

Monica:  Well, how important am I to you?

Tyrell:  What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Monica:  I was just asking because I haven’t been feeling very loved lately, but if you bought me that Michael Kors purse we saw at the mall yesterday I would.

Tyrell:  Three questions… What job do you have; how would that benefit you and do you plan on getting a job soon to pay me back the 300 dollars for it?

Monica:  Nevermind…. I’ll just ask uncle Justin or Aunt Nicole Collectively all three of you can contribute 100 for me!

Tyrell:  Girl… go set the table while I try to find your brother.  Uncle Justin and Aunt Niole will be over so set them a place too.

Monica:  What if I pay for it by working around the house?

Tyrell:  Go do what I said!

Monica:  It was worth a shot

(Knock at the door)

Tyrell:  They’re mad early….

(Tyrell answers the door)

Officer Kendrick:  Hello sir, how are you this evening?

Tyrell:  I am well officer. What can I help you with?

Officer Kendrick: I found an i.d in an alley with this address. I was returning it.  Is the boy home?

Tyrell:  No, he’s not.  I was just going to look for him.

Officer Kendrick:  How long has he been missing

Tyrell:  I haven’t seen him since this morning when he got on the bus.

Officer Kendrick:  Don’t worry sir.  Boys of this age just like girls do this all of the time.  I am sure it’s nothing and he will be home soon.  I will be looking in the vicinity and put out an APB to bring him home.

Tyrell:  Thank you officer. I really appreciate it.

Monica:  Who was that daddy?

Tyrell:  Is the table set sweetheart?

Monica:  Yea, did you find T.J.?

Tyrell:  Baby go call Uncle Justin and Aunt Nicole and see if they are on their way

Monica:  But what about

Tyrell:  Sweetie just do what I said okay.  (thought to self)  Son, please come home.  I hope you’re okay…

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