I am sovereign over all syllables
Quit trying to steal because I’m killing
And don’t lie I see you running with
My lyrics in my peripherals
A master of the stanzas
Pedaling faster than your mind
Can ever go
That’s why you can’t seem
Get a handle
Magestic and metaphorical
I have to dumb it down when
I write most of the time
So I feel more
Remedial than rhetorical
I know that’s horrible…
But otherwise I’d be stuck
In a world by myself
Because with me people
Wouldn’t understand what’s going on
I’m going off
Gainfully employed in this poetry
Supervising every word
You guessed it… I’m a boss
I paid the cost had the losses
And now I foster all of my artwork
Down to a t so I know what perfection
Is… Undoubtedly flawless

Can’t take away what you never gave me
My dad says he is the reason
I’m the way I am
But I beg to differ
He didn’t raise me
But honestly what’s done is done
I can’t deny the fact
I am a man and indeed
I am your son
But nobody can take my success
And I’m gaining more
That’s why I celebrate every night
Because I grow every day
I see Madison Square Garden
33 thousand go silent
As me the the laborer
Finally reaps the harvest.

I will be successful.

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  • Steffy Posted September 29, 2015 12:35 am


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