I am on the horizon

People hate to see me grow

Call me a rising

Star my fate has been decided

It took five years but I’m no longer denying it

You may not know yours

But I know what mine is

I am walking it now

Invincible to the hottest

Heat the devil can’t even confide in it

I’m not on fire people… I AM THE FIRE!

Try to put me out

You will no longer reside in

This world better call you a ride in

That’s the ugly truth

Better than a sublime lie

I’d rather die trying

Rather than just die

I’m an open book

That’s never been checked out

A library of words

Tall in the mind physically stout

But my life is hard fought

I haven’t won every bout

But about me…

I was born in the South

Yes I’m from Macon

But I don’t run my mouth

Nor do I run game

I just stay in the house

Making moves sitting still on my couch

A real king

A poet… A Man… Someone’s future spouse.

Man… that was random lol.

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