I see people beg for money
Beg for opportunity
Beg to have a better life
Until a pastor hosts their eulogy
Ignored by nameless faces
Who to them are also nameless
In my case it’s people who know of me
Or know me… That’s a shame ain’t it?
No support for the obvious
No encouragement to stay positive
I was trying to do the impossible
But now that’s not even probable
Water up to my waist
Realizing I’m about to drown
The same who told me sink or swim
Now hold my head down
Suffocated by ignorance
Weighed down by arrogance
Until somebody needs something
Fake conversations are hilarious
How am I doing?
Or how is my pocket doing…
How am I feeling?
Or can I do some heavy lifting…
Constantly used and abused
But when I need there’s always an excuse
Came up a little bit
And lost my motivations.. lost my muse
I go hard every day
That’s why my pillows need to be soft
Y’all are sleeping on me huh…
I see now…
Without each other we are better off.

I was okay before I met you
I’ll be okay if you never support me
Read a line of what I write, share anything I do, download my app, call or text, see how I’m doing etc… The world doesn’t revolve around you. WE ALL GO THROUGH. Quit being selfish and self centered before you look up and find out the one you put down is not longer around. Never asked for much… Feedback. 5 minutes of people’s time. Maybe a share or a like on their page. Time for new horizons. I wrote not only me but for those who couldn’t speak for themselves, for those who couldn’t find the words to say. 5 years later. It has all subsided because people decide… People decide whether you are good or not. Okay…. I’m done.

(Throws pen and pad in the trash gets up and walks away)

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