Hello sir. How are you? If you are reading this letter
You’ve reached under your pillow or your wife confessed or….
Anyway, I wanted to tell you, thank you for the thrill
Of allowing me to invade your home and personal space for a spill
With my passion and sweat and juices all over your house
From your floor to your kitchen to your bathroom to your couch
You see, children aren’t the only ones who get punished for being bad
Especially when you hurt the best thing you’ve ever had
You were rubbing nickles together when at home you had a dime
But now your house, your step-daughter, and your wife is all mine
And then you wonder why lately she’s been trippin’
Stop living in denial dude! You know she caught you slippin’
You would probably say I’m wrong for intervening in your marriage
But it was on the rocks about to die. You’re lucky that I spared it!
I could have taken everything and left you with nothing
And I started to because you hurt her but I didn’t because she
Loves you… So I kept silent and let out my feelings in private
While everyday you came home to a fake smile and was blinded
By the fact you were in an imaginary land
With a wife and child who try to fake loving you as much as they can
I’m a prime example that it’s not what you have. It’s how you use it,
But you abused it and thought it was okay and you were left clueless
As she spread her legs for you with fake moans being fictitious
She insisted I hit from the back knowing I would shoot a bird at your picture.
You think I’m kidding you? Trust me what I say is a fact “g”
How else would about your 55 inch tv and black sheets?
I hope you’re not sleeping on them. She wrapped herself in them
After she took me home she could lay in our passion and reminisce
So what I’m saying is this is a warning never to hurt her again
Because I was being nice the last time. Next time is the end.
I’ll gladly take what’s mine and leave you out on your feet
So get up and change them because I had fun in between your sheets.

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