My darling angel
Oh, how I long for the
Gentleness of your soft-textured
Grip encamping different extremities of me
I love the way it gives my body
Instruction to rest and be tranquil
Oh, how I awe for the warmness of your
Fingers to tickle my emotions
And surgically remove my physical pains
It feels like each carpal
Creates a tunnel to different parts of me
To clear any negativity
And help me lighten my loads
Each appendage is appointed
A designated area so none
Of me is ignored
You know all of the right
Places to touch and magnify
I love how you apprehend me
And make me your own
Not to control me…
But to connect with me
It’s a mystery of how I tremble at your
Slightest interaction with me
I instantly slip into a joy-filled
Coma where my world becomes a
Land of no more
No more stress No more
drama no more arguments
No more low self esteem no
More doubts or demonic powers
Coming against me no more
Just me…
And your tender touch.

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  • Steffy Posted September 11, 2015 5:17 pm

    <3 it!

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