I don’t go after the girl everyone wants anymore

She can get anyone she wants

And doesn’t need to do anything

I’m no longer mesmerized by looks

Beauty is not what I see anymore

It’s what I feel

If I see you and not feel you

I;m not going to feel like seeing you

Give me the queen that is just as patients as me

Give me the woman who helps me

And I help her

Give me the goddess who knows her value

But does not have a standard unreachable

The lady who threw her games away

With her teenage years

I’d rather be alone

Than fighting over someone

I’d rather invest in me than

Invest into the same one everyone

Else is investing into

I’d rather be happy and building with

A genuine madam than

Being torn down by an arrogant


Yea, I’d rather…


You get the point

Looks don’t matter to me.

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