I feel your fear

I smell your broken emotions

I see the pain of the past in your eyes

I hear the anguish in your voice

From those who have hurt you

I’m sorry….

Even though I am not them

I want to show you…

I want to show you what a real man is

A humble man

One with mistakes and not ashamed

One with flaws but fearless

One who will treat you right

When the day has done you wrong

I see the wall

I have my tools ready

I see the obstacles

I’m ready for the course

Because I can’t wait…

Until I have finally filled

That space in you heart

Made for me and you can

Look back and say,

“What did I put him through

That for? There was…

No need…”

Don’t worry baby

Just like I’m doing now

I’d do it all again

You’re worth it

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  • operahell Posted August 24, 2015 2:16 am


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