I thought I could just write it out
But my hand is shaking
I really just want to knock em out
With a right uppercut
Switch to southpaw and knock em down
Lower than where they tried to keep
Me but look at me now…

Everything is in sync
I am inwardly singing
Not even caring what my so called friends think
Because I have my own mind
Get thee behind me Satan continue cringing
I’m a hungry poet call me pig
I’m the king of the pen/pin
With constant ideas
That’s why my lyrics are always pend-ing!

No more lending and pointless spending
Or amending for unfriending people
On Facebook who took things to a level
With message sending
That’s why I’m the master of anti-social
So colloquial don’t quote me though
My diction is inclined
So don’t read if you’re slow

I deserve better…

And whether I’m at the top or the bottom
It’s never mattered because I have
Endured every type of stormy weather

So this is for those who doubted me
Thanks world for downing me
I May not be remembered
For being famous but my name
Is unforgettable. Who would forget Rowdy?

I hope you know who you are
My words will knock you senseless
And I’ll stand over you like the picture
After spitting fire in your face
Raging bars
And this is just a start….



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