I have to stop this running…
I can’t stomach my destiny
But I guess that’s why I’m hungry
Starving for success while my
Tornado of a mind is steadily turning
Fueling the fire in my veins shut up
I’m internally burning….

With a desire to inspire
Never admired but I’m wired
To finish this mission

But I’m constantly swayed
By past events and doubt from people
So I make wrong decisions

I procrastinate, and it exapserates
At a rapid rate my brain
While I fight disdain pain
Trying not to go insane
Doing the same thing day after day!

So God I throw my hands
Time to man up
Pull my pants up
And stop letting the world
Screw me sideways
And carry myself in the correct manner

Time to face my fear
You’ve been waiting years
For me to stand strong
And wipe away my tears
Now I’m ready…
Fear is present but not afraid
My hands are steady


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  • Steffy Posted July 26, 2015 9:36 pm


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