The whole nation is full of
Discrimination, procrastination,
All ending with…. Nation
A place where you can be
Illegally detained and
Unlawfully imprisoned by those
Who are supposed to make you feel safe
Instead of running the race together
We’d rather hate the races we’re not
And sometimes the races we are
Nothing wrong with having a preference
But there’s a difference between
Preference and respect
Don’t slap me because I’m black
Knife me because I’m white
Hex me because I’m Mexican…
Or not believe in me because
I’m a little of everything in between
How can we have rights in a place that
Is obviously so wrong
Forget about color and let’s focus
On character
What if Sandra was white and this happened?
How many blacks would rally?
What if she were a Mexican male?
Would the nation still have a burden to carry?
Sadly… We all know the truth
But it’s too late to make amends
We can only move on and do better
After justice is served
But the question if ever…
When will it end?

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