A monster is what you see

Untamed and nameless

Crazy and shameless

No moral compass

No sense of direction

Aimlessly wreaking havoc


Monsters aren’t born

They are created

Ever stopped and asked

Who or what created me?

Probably not…

I’ll let you in

Monsters always protect something

Guess what I’m protecting…


On the inside I’m a timid,

Frail, fragile being

Easily taken advantage of and

Hurt constantly

So I constantly push people away

Because of those endeavors

I am the loneliest of the lone wolves

Because I’m really just a sheep

What’s sad is…

I’m just the first to admit it

There’s plenty of monsters out there

Protecting the same thing…

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  • Linda Peden Posted July 19, 2015 11:53 am

    Real honest ink.

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