Everyone who gives isn’t giving

Everyone who says they’re living isn’t living

And just because you die and you are missed

Doesn’t mean you accomplished your mission

Silly ambitions as individuals

What about what about that individual

You said you would be there for

But you cut them off

Can you still say you’re spiritual?

What about the people you screwed over

What about those acts that were atrocious

Acting as a law abiding citizen

Thinking no one would notice

God saw you like he saw me

Sorry, that’s not what I was taught

But the only thing you’re sorry for is

You’re sorry you got caught

And even if you didn’t

And your wrongdoings were never mentioned

You should ask for forgiveness

But hey, that’s your decision

I’m at war with the world and myself

But to reach success I have no excuse

Because we all are a little selfish,

Lazy, sinful, arrogant, self-centered,

Mischievous, Secretive…

I think you get the point

But that’s the real truth

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