God my blood is boiling

Body screaming

Emotions in a hurricane

Feelings tingling…

I know what I want

But it’s not what I need

I’m being choked by the rope of

Longing with a short fuse

I feel like I’m about to explode

Don’t let me communicate

Even though I know I will get nothing

But I have to do something

Lord I am crying on the inside

Which is why I haven’t gone outside

I’d rather lay here in the dark

I don’t want to see or hear anything that reminds me of her

I know then that I will pursue

Guard my thoughts

No longer do I wish to wonder

What could have been

Or what could be

No longer do I wish to

Fantasize and marvel over

Someone who is no longer mine

No longer do I wish to wish

I would rather accept what is true

I don’t want to go back

Though it’s pulling me

Let me push forward

Please Lord…

I am begging you

Let me forget about her

I don’t want to fall again…

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