Officer:  So let me get this straight… You are dropping the charges?  Do you realize she can fight for custody?

Tyrell:  Come on officer. Hardly.  She is already in jail and she hit me.  She was drunk I might add.  It didn’t help I was fatigued.

Officer:  So what made you drop the charges?  Did she seek legal aid?

Tyrell:  Speaking of aids, that’s the reason… I have aids.

Officer:  Holy shit!  You have to be kidding me!?!

Tyrell:  I was told I don’t have long to live you see and the accident made me realize I need to cherish every moment. Instead of making her suffer I’m using the accident as a good omen.

Offier:  You’re better than me…

Tyrell:  I know it…

(Nicole comes in escorted by police after they knock)

Nicole:  Hey… How are you feeling… I have some news for you… I’m pregnant… and… I have aids, but know that I love you….

Tyrell:  What!?! How!?! we never did anything!?! Is is Justin’s

Nicole:  Yes….

Tyrell:  Oh, so he is the one who is going to make you suffer…

Nicole:  What do you mean?

Tyrell:  One last secret baby… I have aids too. That is my reason for never sleeping with you. But if Justin has it and he’s married to Monica….

Nicole:  Wait! Who did you get it from!?!

Tyrell:  Monica….

Nicole:  Lord have mercy! The drama!!!

Officers:  Should we leave

Nicole and and Tyrell:  Hell Yes!

Officer:  Alright, you heard em guys.  Call us if you need us.  Be blessed.

Nicole:  So what now!?! I’m so over this!  I wanna fight!

Tyrell:  Listen we were all wrong. So let’s all try to make this right.  I called Justin. He will be here soon.  We made amends via phone but we should face to face too.  I also posted Monica’s bail. She will also be here soon.  So what do you think Nicole?  We all start over and call it truce?

(Justin knocks and walks in)

Justin:  We can call it truce man, but what about the kids?

Tyrell:  We will all play a role just like my grandparents and parents did. This doesn’t have to end as a bad experience.

Justin:  You’re right, it doesn’t but look at what Monica’s freedom did…. to her

(On the news)

Reporter: 32 year old-black female dead on arrival to the hospital after she was accidentlaly hit by a car.  She was said to be jumping for joy in the street when the car hit her.

Justin:  I’m so bitter…

Tyrell:  We all are, but what can we do?

Justin:  I know what she would have wanted. Let’s call it truce.

Nicole, Justin and Tyrell:  Truce

Tyrell:  We will talk about funeral arrangements later.  Let’s go get the kids. Mom is doing me a huge favor.

Nicole:  I can’t believe she’s gone

Tyrell:  Mourn for a while. But the best thing you can do is be a mother to her child.

Justin:  But you’re still here. What does that make me? Nothing?

Tyrell:  You are very much a part of this too “uncle Justin” Now let’s get the kids before my mom kills me.

Nicole:  I love you guys

Justin and Tyrell:  We know. You told us both!

Nicole: Really!?!

Justin: You know we were just playing girl. Lighten up.

Nicole: I’m going to stick my foot in your ass!

Tyrell: All right!  That;s enough!  I though we were going to get the children.  I didn’t know they were already here!

Thank you all who read, supported this wonderful series.  I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. Be open to one another. Communicate and stop keeping secrets from those you love. Take the good along with the bad and make something great. Love conquers all. Be blessed.  Until next time…

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