I took a walk down the lane we used to walk

Full of memories… good and bad

I cried when I reminisced over your laughs

From the jokes I would tell or the goofy

Way I would act sometimes

I lay in my bed at night

Tossing and turning from the

Storms of dead silence

I’m used to your snore…

I watch movies and can never finish them

Because there is no one screaming

About the climax and talking to the

Characters as if they can hear you

No one to cook with and argue about recipes

No one to get mad at and play afterwards

No one to push me when I try to

Pull away from my passion… my calling

I lost my best friend…

And now gaining the experience of how to treat her

She is love through and through

She makes my world go round

And now I pray and work

Until she comes back to me

Because I know she is mine…

This time I will treat her right

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