I hate pay day

Money in hand for a couple of hours

Then that same hand is now a fist…

Ready to punch the wall in frustration

But ultimately knocked out by the echoes

Of my own screams bouncing off of the

Walls of the shack I live in

Only to lay drowning in sweat from a long day

And tears sourcing from the sorrow of

Not even providing the needs for my family

Yet, my kids and wife smile, pray and lift me

Give me… the strength to go on… every day

I don’t mind working hard

I don’t mind being in pain

I don’t mind sacrifices

I’m just tired though…

I’m tired of boiling water to take baths

And cutting soap in half to wash dishes

I’m tired of spraying raid for the roaches

And having chicken every night

I’m tired of washing clothes in the bathtub

And putting them under the mattress to straighten

God… have mercy on me…

I’m tired…

Of the struggle

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