Monica:  What happened?  Where am I? Damn, I am sore an fuck…

Doctor Lanberry:  Hello Monica.  I must say you are blessed or if you’re not Christian in luck. No broken bones. Just a really bad accident. I have to ask you though, do you remember what happened? There are a couple of things I have to tell the police, so please don’t get hysterical and cooperate please.

Monica:  The police!?! What did I do?  Why do they need to see me!?!

Doctor Lanberry:  There was alcohol in your system and also traces of THC. Otherwise I would blame it on fatigue, but you almost killed someone last night. He could barely breathe.

Monica:  Who did I hit!?! What’s his name? What the hell…

Doctor Lanberry: I hate to tell you, but… it was your two kid’s father Tyrell….

Officer:  That’s right ma’am, and now we have to take it a step further. You will be going to jail when you leave the hospital for drunk and wreckless driving and maybe attempted murder. We have his story also and we see that you argued the night before. Would that have anything to do with you trying to settle the score?

Monica:  I would never do that! I just made a bad decision. Please don’t do this to me. What happens to my kids then!?! They are down at the station since school is over for today. They will be home taken care of by Tyrell’s wife until he is okay.

Doctor Lanberry:  Well officer, we have another problem… Nicole is also here, but she will be released soon.

Monica:  What is she doing here!?!

Doctor Lanberry:  Well….

Nicole:  Doc I can’t do this… I can’t do this… I can’t do this!!!!

Doctor Collier:  Calm down Nicole. I promise you will get through this. But I have more news, Tyrell was in an accident. The police will take you home soon and tell you what happened.

Nicole:  Om my gosh!!! Is he okay! Who was he hit by!?! Where is by bae!?!

Doctor Collier:  Calm down. He’s stable just a couple of broken ribs the doctor told me. But I have one more thing to tell you….

Nicole: Come on doc… Lay it on me.

Doctor Collier:  I don’t know what’s going on with you or how much love you have made or to who… but get your partners checked…. when I checked your blood work…. I found AIDS

Nicole: (Throws up) What!?! (Cries) This can’t be happening! I only had one affair!  This isn’t fair~! This isn’t happening!

Justin:  Nicole! I just came by to see if you were okay.  The nurse at the desk said you were leaving today. I’ll take you home if you want. If that’s okay

Nicole:  Fuck you, you bastard! Leave me alone okay!?! Fuck you, the situation and the time invested. Oh yea, I forgot… thanks for the AIDS. Get tested!!!

Justin: Oh shit! you have AIDS!?! Why didn’t you tell me!

Nicole! I had to get it from you! The doctor is just telling me! Now who did you get it from! Our baby may have it!

Justin:  Our baby!?!

Nicole:  Yes our baby! I pregnant too you bastard!

Justin:  How the fuck do you know it’s mine and not Tyrell’s

Nicole:  I wasn’t fucking Tyrell…

Justin:  I need a doctor.  What the hell… (Faints)

Tyrell: God, I’m sorry… I’ve made such a mess, but bless my kids that their kids may be blessed. I know I am not the best of fathers, but I won’t be around forever to be a bother.

Officer:  Are you ready sir? It’s time to take you home.

Tyrell:  Yes sir. Thank you. Will my kids be home?

Officer:  Yes sir. Your wife will take care of them until you’re better.

Tyrell: No sir, I request for them to go to their grandmother. My mom doesn’t mind. WE talked a little while ago.

Officer: I she able bodied and able to take them where they need to go?

Tyrell:  Yes sir, she keeps them often.

Officer:  Okay well I don’t see a different cost then. Permission granted.

Tyrell: Thank you sir, but what happens to Monica?

Officer:  She is going to the slammer until you all meet in court to settle things out.

Tyrell:  I can’t wait for that day sir, no doubt… No doubt.


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    Tag me via Facebook for the next episodes of A love war. Thanks in advance! New Fan Dawn Shaw

    • deferential777 Posted June 20, 2015 1:53 pm

      I will be sure to do so! If you have missed any of the previous parts, they are here under the short stories tab.

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