Justin:  Finally man!  The game we’ve been waiting for? Who are you going for?

Tyrell:  Huh?  My bad man. I’m thinking about Nicole. All she’s wanted to do is argue lately. I know something is wrong and the fussing is getting old.

Justin:  She’s probably stressed out from work or just tired altogether. It’s been 8 years for y’all man.  Y’all have been through every type of weather.  This is just another storm.  It’s here to make y’all better. Give her some time.  Things will go back to the norm.

Tyrell:  I hope you’re right man. I can’t continue to do this alone. One more fight and I promise she’s gone. Who the fuck is this!?! Who the fuck is Ramone!?! This can’t be my phone…. That cheating bitch! Justin, can you watch the kids!?!

Justin:  Calm down man.  Why would I need to that?  Where you going?

Tyrell:  To bring her ass home from Sids’

Justin:  What about the game?

Tyrell:  I’ve already been played!!! Don’t you see!!! She’s probably at the club right now in the bathroom getting laid!

Justin:  Well, bring the kids with us.  You know I’m not good with kids. If you’re going, we’re all going to Sids’

Tyrell:  Ok, fuck it cool. Man I don’t know what to do…

Justin: Can’t help on this one bro. On this I have no clue…

Tyrell:  Come on.

(Grabs the kids from bed and heads to Sids’)

Nicole:  This club is jumpin tonight!  What do you think Bestie?

Monica:  Is it too much smoke in here, or is it just me?

Nicole:  Okay, yeah it is a little too smokey. Put it this way though, it hides that spot on your dress and you’re not choking!

Monica:  That shit ain’t funny, the spot was your fault.

Nicole:  Nobody told you to bump me and spill my drink. that’s your fault.

Monica: Whatever. Hey, is that Tyrell at the door!?!

Nicole:  What the fuck is he doing here!?! Probably finding his whore?

Monica:  What do you mean?

Nicole:  I’ll tell you later.

Tyrell:  We need to talk

Nicole:  I’m listening

Tyrell:  Outside and give me my phone.

Nicole:  Excuse me!?!

Tyrell:  Is that what you said to Ramone!?!

(Everyone Steps Outside)

Tyrell: I think if there are secrets, we all get them out now

Monica:  Okay, what’s going on

Tyrell:  Monica, don’t act innocent now.

Justin:  What do you mean Tyrell? What she got to do with this?

Tyrell:  Really Mr. Clueless… The same thing you have to do with it! Do I look like I sleep on mine!  Am I in an eternal slumber!?! Ramone is fake man!!!! I know this is your number! I should fuck you up!  But I have to be a father to my children.  Hey Monica, how’s the house?  You know, the one we used to live in!?!

Nicole:  What the fuck are you talking about!?!  Tyrell you overboard. You doing too much!  Don’t say another word!  We are over! But how do you and Monica know each other!?!

Justin:  Dumb bitch!  It’s obvious they at least used to  talk!  I knew fucking with you came at a cost.

Tyrell:  One more surprise.  Are you ready for this brother.  Tell em Monica.

Monica:  I’m T.J. and Monica’s  mother…

Justin:  What the fuck man!  Let’s release all the cats from the bag then man! This is going to be scary but…

Monica:  Justin Don’t!

Justin:  What? You don’t want them to know we are married!?! Tyrell since you fucked my wife I’m going to take your kids!

Monica:  You mean my kids… and I’ll see you in court Tyrell

Tyrell: Go to hell… Nicole, have fun walking home girl

Nicole:  I ain’t coming home… I’m getting a hotel after coming from the hospital.  I feel sick

Justin:  I think we all need to get tested quick!  This is bullshit! Monica let’s go home.

Monica:  I’m going home. Get your shit.  You’re gone.

Justin:  Fuck you then!

Tyrell:  I think have done enough of that to each other.  Justin, you were my brother.  Monica you are my children’s mother. All of this definitely leave us all a little distorted.  But fuck it. I’m taking my kids home.  I’ll see you all in court them.

(Nicole walks away.  Justin walks in the opposite direction. Monica and Tyrell drive away in opposite directions)


  • Kimberly Jenkins Posted July 29, 2015 2:03 am

    This is awesome…I’m already wanting more…love it!!!! Keep up the good work

    • deferential777 Posted July 29, 2015 2:04 am

      It’s all here! This series has seven parts. Keep going!

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