Justin:  Hello?

Nicole: Baby please talk to me. Me and that bastard just got through arguing!

Justin:  Okay calm down you know I’m here for you. Talk to me baby.  What can I do?

Nicole:  Just talk to me. This is something that I have to deal with.

Justin: Do I need to come by and tell him some real shit?

Nicole:  No bae, but I’m almost back to the house.  When is the next time we can go out?

Justin:  I told you I’ll let you know damn! Why are you sweating me!?!

Nicole:  I just asked a fuckin question!  Fuck it. I’ll let it be… bye

(As a car drives away from the house)

Tyrell:  Alright, I’ll see you later. Talk to you soon.

Nicole:  Who the fuck was that!?! I can’t fucking believe you!

Tyrell:  None of your damn business, just like you always tell me. I’m not about to argue anymore though. T.J. and Monica are asleep.

Nicole:  Well speaking of Monica, she asked me to go out, so I am going with her. I need to get out of this house.

Tyrell:  Whatever, have fun. Justin is coming over anyway. Hurry up and leave so we can chill and watch the game.

Nicole:  Hey T.J.!  How’s my little man?  Can’t sleep? Let me tuck you in and I’ll teach you to count sheep.

Tyrell:  (Under his breath) You love being a stepmom but you hate being a wife… how nice… Welp, I asked for this life.

Nicole:  What did you say!?! (Lays phone on the bed)

Tyrell: Nothing (Lays phone on the bed)

Nicole:  I’ll be back in a minute bae

Tyrell: Okay. I’m headed downstairs to watch a movie til Justin gets here.  Do what you want.  I don’t care.

Nicole: Ok, I’m changing clothes then I am leaving. T.J. is asleep

Tyrell:  Have a nice evening.  Monica, are you and T.J.  Taking turns getting up?  Did y’all have candy or something?  What’s up?

Monica: Daddy I went to your room and you weren’t there.  I thought that’s where you and mommy always are. When I didn’t see you I got scared, but your phone was on the bed, so it led me to you.

Tyrell:  (laughs)  How baby?

Monica:  I don’t know but I found you (gives him Nicole’s phone)

Tyrell:  Thank you baby, now off to bed

Monica:  I love you daddy!

Tyrell:  I love you too big-head

Nicole:  I’m gone

Tyrell:  Ok baby, you got your key?

Nicole: Yea, but I might not be back tonight.

Tyrell: You know what… just leave. Tell Monica I said hey

Nicole: Bye bae…Damn…

Tyrell:  Yep.  Do you have your phone

Nicole:  Yes, I have my phone! By nigga!  I’m gone

Tyrell:  Bye man… Bye


  • Steffy Posted May 28, 2015 1:30 pm

    So you’re just going to leave me hanging?…you are really teaching me patience, lol. Awesome job as always!

  • Betty Smith Posted June 1, 2015 5:04 pm

    This story is so true don’t trust your girl with your friend.

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