His stripes gave strength
So my ‘verse gives honor,
By checking my flesh,
As I live Under Armour.
Posted and holding the texts/tecs on the corner,
With wisdom, she spitting that truth, sojourner/so join her/so Joyner.
First friend like Tom,
I’m Simon, but he calls me,
Peter, not the leader but the rock has enthralled me.
Cleansed me, maid/made me a witness,
Suited for his work so I’m tied to his business.
Tithing my riches,
No tide can diminish or wash away the forgiveness he’s Given…Jay,
A lovely demise and a Beautiful Eulogy,
It was ForeKnown his blood would Run/Ron Burgundy,
The Anchorman/anchor man for those at sea/see,
Jackie Hill’d/healed me just to take away the Braille.
Scent/Sent for the foul,
A “must” to prevail,
A pleasing aroma that’s roaming our trail,
Put in box to deliver this male/mail.
Until the flesh is decayed and smells.
Body of Christ, a marvelous meal,
Bred/Bread to be fed, never tasting Hell,
The seed opened sesames for me,
Becoming a sub for my tasteless self.
Hanging with The Crew on Weekends for thrills,
Educated fool like I’m yelling at Yale,
With good intuition, I fight the good fight,
As a Christian, I’m ringing bells at bell.
So tell sin, I’m about to get violent,
Blood on my hands from the punches/Pontius, Pilate/Pilot.
Flying high.
I was once a tyrant,
In hardships
Like a bunch of pirates.
Running amok till he cured my sole/soul,
Clean defeat/Cleaned the feet,
Now that fungus dying.
Crashed the scene for the Rex/wrecks, no Ryan,
But he never Jet when the threats was Giant.
Manning the fort when the war was trying,
Restoring the people for rest in Zion.
In another league, this ain’t just NFL
But we so dope, it’s justice/just us on the scale.
Driven like the engine on a Cutlass, Chevelle,
Clowning in the top tier/tear,
Homie we Chappelle’s.

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