Everyday I awake,
I am given a choice,
To stay mute and minute,
While I live in the noise.
Or bear fruit, to recruit and deliver the voice.
That imputes you with truth,
That can fill in your void.
In the booth,
I’m a troop and I’m getting deployed,
Parachute through the roof with unlimited joy,
I refuse to be moved by the enemy’s ploy,
In the name of the Lord, I ain’t playing it coy.
So I’m going to battle.
Imma swing more swords,
Than war lords,
Take a 4-4,
Aim and bang at your door…of perception
Existence hinges on a screen,
But Jehovah a knock away,
From all things.
It seems, the dream,
Of one day being kings and queens,
Died with King and the project ended.
And since we’re not a team,
Our genes/jeans, they broke down at the seams,
For the means of an average living.
But this not what God intended,
We ain’t just lieutenants,
We are made in His image.
So He came down,
Became the Butler to Help us and love us,
So we could be servants and maids in His image.
So trying to do “me” is a selfish ambition,
Derived from my pride
A work of tradition.
He stepped on the Earth,
and assumed our position,
Died for opposition,
Never opted out the mission.
So when he was risen,
We could be in his position,
Killing our inhibitions with the same intuition.
Saw us being you’s/being used/being U’s
So he took away our I’s/eyes,
And vowed by faith that it’s not about the vision.
And people see the word “belief” and leave,
But you gon fall like the autumn,
If your high is trees or green,
Or anything that’s defined as greed,
Mean, the definition of a dying breed,
Impounded and numbered by impiety.
Till the Shepherd put his German/germ inside of me.
Bringing death to my flesh, thinking virally,
Now I’m the black sheepdog to society.
But I’m washed white as snow, the irony,
So my soul’s been made clean as Irish Spring.
And I ain’t just blowing smoke,
He is my esteem/a steam.
Just the train of his garment enlivens me.
So I spring forth, offering an option,
Armed with a mind and a heart for the doctrine.
Clothed in his grace, we won’t change,
We not trends,
And to the World, die slow, we not friends.
I’m locked in.
So I pray that the planet get this,
His words are a gem/gym like Planet Fitness.
The weight of the world, yeah Jesus benched it,
And on the third day, God deadlifted.
His mere mention commands attention,
I came to expand his business
Until everybody raises hands to ceilings.
To say you surrender your plans and vision,
Any past afflictions,
Any bad decisions,
Any classless living,
Any sad conditions.
For all of your troubles,
He has provisions.
He paid it EVERYTHING,
So He is the difference.
To sum it up.

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