Nicole:  Lord guide me in the right direction.  Let me make the right decision with no regrets or discretion. I love Tyrell but I’m in love with Justin.  I think I’ll wait a while before I tell him, but there’s no way to avoid fussing… pain… torment… a sense of betrayal.  They had to be best friends… I hope this has a peaceful end…

Tyrell:  Hey bae, who you talking to?  Don’t tell me you gone crazy…

Nicole:  No baby. I was talking to God.  But I am crazy… about you.

Tyrell:  I love you too baby. You are so amazing. Did you try a new perfume? It doesn’t smell like it’s for a lady….

Nicole:  No sweetie, my boss got happy and hugged me.  I’ve been smelling it all day.  The smell really bugs me. I’m going to take a shower now.  We will talk after I’m done.

Tyrell:  But all I need is few minutes, maybe even one. Lately you’ve been distant. It hasn’t been mentioned because I wanted to see if was a phase but it isn’t… is it… Something is definitely wrong.  What’s going on?

Nicole:  Nothing is going on.  What are you talking about bae. come on… We have two beautiful kids and a life people dream of. A bank account people of wishing can’t even speak of. What do you think has changed?  Come on. Talk to me.

Tyrell:  Well we argue all of the time and we don’t talk anymore and obviously you’re seeing someone else.  These aren’t things I recently felt. Who you bought you the necklace on your neck and look at that hickey, or is that a welt?

Nicole:  Fuck you! I don’t have to listen to these allegations! I don’t know what your problem is or what your infatuation is with my body but I’m sorry it’s not perfect to your liking! I have flaws you know! If you don’t like it bite me!

Tyrell:  Nobody said anything about your body, chill.. What the fuck is wrong with you?  I just asked a question. I’m sorry no more arguing. Let’s call it truce. Come on.  Let’s take a shower together.

Nicole:  I’m going for a walk.  It may make me feel better.

Tyrell:  Well, I’m going with you

Nicole:  Stay the fuck away from me!

Tyrell:  What did you say to me!?!

Nicole:  You heard me Satan’s seed…

Tyrell:  Ok then… Cool. Bye.  You’re straight with me.

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