Catching cramps in my mandible
Trying to make myself understandable
Also trying to get a handle on
Why I have always been a handful
Maybe it’s my mind…
Something that on the inside others are blind
Thinking that it’s hollow and can’t swallow
The fact that I may look dead but I’m alive
Shunned from all categories
I am the master of the
Concept of looking behind
Because I’m ahead of the time
Misunderstood mostly
Pushed away when I need holding
Either my signals are backwards
Or something doesn’t add up after the math
I’m contracting..
Impregnated with ideas that are either crazy
Misguided or on the rise going through phases
Haven’t been discovered just created
And frozen for preservation for the taking
To one day finally let it go…

I guess I will finally let people inside my mind. I hope everyone is ready.

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