4 years ago I decided to start writing poetry
Those I know never seemed to support or notice me
It made me step back and ponder to again approach the scene
Blacking the public eye and leaving it with a purple ring

I fell off… I put the pen down
Tried to come up locally but no one was around
They say attittude is latitude but everyone’s smell was fowl
It took me a while, but I think I’ve figured this out…

I don’t expect for those who know to look at my work and say wow
They see me all the time working on the prowl
So they’ve stopped caring I guess I’ve milked that cow
Dry so it’s time to take things in a new direction now

I’m venturing off into a new expedition
There may be some people I forget to mention
But if you support me it shouldn’t matter in what dimension
I decide to go. You will be there with me in every decision

I’m making new friends and seeing new faces
Making new connections and filling new spaces
I’ve lost the admiration or those I know and ones to which I am close
It’s time to reach the world and elevate with those I don’t know

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