20140909_190306Ashley Perkins resides in Austin, TX with her family. From her random colored hair to her favorite marvel comic graphic boots, she is a big kid at heart. She loves to read about adventures. On a Saturday night she can be found eating pizza and watching the latest anime. If you ever meet her, get her to write a poem about her first impression of you. She considers every moment no matter how small or random as potential inspiration.

Here is some of her work.  Enjoy…


How can you feel when you don’t feel right?

How do you push when you’re not sure what you’re fighting?

The nature of the beast evolves daily

Violence blooms like a gunshot wound

First hunger is beneath me then it’s right next to me



Barring me from the heavens

I’m not numb

I’m in pain

I’m so sane I’m in sane

I can’t leave

I can’t grieve

I gotta live with my losses

I tried not to conceive any regret in my mind and I lost it

Meaning I selfishly had to mean something

Every minute I lived so far can’t be for nothing

I can’t hulk in the corner pretending it’s normal to not feel

I can’t sleep through a night remembering nightmares are real

When your friends put you down saying they know what’s best

And make trivial decisions the ultimate friendship test

And turn around and tell everyone how they love you best

I can’t

I can’t even scream all the rest

It is caught in my throat

This big lump in my chest

Resenting those I love most

Unable to shine

Forced to be just a ghost

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