A Distant Land

Away is where I wish to be

A place where bothers don’t exist

Only peace and tranquility encamp me

In the fields of flowers

As the wind tickles my ears

Away… where I can reside for a lifetime

And never grow old

Smiles are my constant facial expressions

And the tingly feeling down my spine never fades

I can always be me and I am

Always welcome to hide and seek

To be lost and found

To love and be loved

The birds will sing melodies for me

To match words to

The waters run crisp and clear

The smell of the air arouses me

Yes away… where my resting place is anywhere

And I can be treated like a baby

Pampered to my every heart’s desire

And I can feel born again

I have dreamed and daydreamed

Of this place often

And after often losing the battle of doubt

My victory is

I don’t have to wish or dream anymore

After years of searching

I found this place

In you

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