I was awakened this morning by the light coming through my window. I covered my face and proceeded to sleep again. However the more the sun came up, the brighter the light got. I turned my back to it, but to no avail. Then, I realized… This is just like many I see on a daily basis, obviously even myself at times.

You see we run from the light, we hide and try to cover up what’s right because we are comfortable in darkness. Everything is okay as long as the truth is concealed and we don’t have to do much because we are accepted by people but not by the Master. I dare you… Quit hiding. Step just a little into the light today. It will change your life.

How do you do it? Go after that dream. Exploit that gift. Say no to those things you know are wrong. Actually go for a walk or run instead of saying you need to. Just a few examples. Be blessed!

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