Man meditating on a rock at the seaI’ve tried being there for so many so much that

I forgot what I’m doing here

Lost in a world of give and take that

Never reciprocates unless it’s convenient to the other parties

I was never invited to…

I don’t know why we say mankind…

Man isn’t kind

Man is selfish, self-centered… which is why

Gravity is in place so we won’t soar

As high as our minds think we are..

Trying to wear ugly lies on pretty faces

And kiss each other with the same lips

That form the words the lively deadly

Tongue pronounce, not knowing the real

See the deceit through the eyes

Yet, some fool their own mind and act

Oblivious to it…

So much so that we become oblivious

To our own actions and think that wrong is right

And right is wrong

Some of us deserve Grammys…

They say keep the squares out of your circle

Not realizing mathematically a square is a circle

Just one with angles

Watch people’s angles while they try to figure

Out in what shape you are…

Yep, I have learned to live and let die

Because we all will someday

How you want to is not even up to you

So you might as well enjoy life

I’ve paid a lot of tuition for learning this…

I haven’t graduated yet

But I hope soon become an above average student

Despite my classmates

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