Too busy talking so much that we forget to listen

Too busy drawing conclusions that we can’t paint a picture

Many of us read the bible and misquote the scriptures

Leaving words out of the word and make the wrong decisions….

I am no longer being private

It’s time to spread some wisdom through my dialect

My interview was birth this is my job

I’m behind on my files

I didn’t realize I was  hired yet…

Watch your mind and thoroughly wash out your mouth

Don’t speak on something if you haven’t

Completely figured it out

Hold it steady… until the Master is ready

It could even be until Jesus comes back

Keep in mind he’s on his way to get me…

I have seen some things I didn’t want to see

Been some places been some things I didn’t want to be

Walking around for weeks being weak vision bleak

While trying to seek answer for the punishment

Rising realizing it made me a stronger me

Take joy in your infirmities

Even in the infirmary

These words are burning me…

Guess that why I breathe fire

I have to release what is inside of me

Because every day we’re dying

So instead of sitting around sighing

Laughing smoking, joking, drinking

And mingling not realizing in life you haven’t done a single thing

Get up and get experience

Don’t limit your mind learn some things and experiment

Don’t set yourself to a boundary

You can do anything through the one who also found me

I’m done ranting… I hope you’re hearing this

Stop being stupid y’all stop with the ignorance.

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