I have traveled wide and far. As wide and far as I have opened my heart

I didn’t come to the realization that I was at capacity until it was filled up.

For years I was searching for what stood off in a distance

It was so far away to the eye, yet still touching me to my depths…

It tugged at me no matter the distance. Space held no boundary.

Weakness of the signal never was. My whole life has changed

I often reminisced over the day it happened

Each day was sweeter all the more

I am so grateful for it. I never wish to be without it.

It’s a part of me… my life. I would die without it

It’s my source, my moon, my shelter

Nothing outweighs it on my scale

It’s in my hands… in my heart… in my mind

It goes where I go and pulls me from where I should not be

I found myself in it, lost in it where no one can find me

A matchless majesty. Magic has happened…

It holds me tight in stressful times, squeezing the worry from me

Joy oozes from me constantly

I am never without glee

I have you to thank for bestowing this gift upon me


If magic happened, perhaps I was changed instantly

Following you willingly humming something familiar

Finding myself singing along, in tune, like I suddenly was with you

Walking through your dreams whispering, promising… things I maybe shouldn’t have, honestly

I was an isolated kingdom and you conquered me

Commanded my loyalty even as you captured me

Photos could not show the moment accurately

You ran through my thoughts actively and touched my soul naturally

You’ve gained the power to shatter me but you cradle me as if I’m priceless

A MasterCard couldn’t buy this

I’m like Cinderella when she met the prince

Birds couldn’t outsing me

There’s a distant place you chose to bring me where nothing could touch me

I never realized till now, you had hidden me inside of your heart within moments of our first kiss

Vulnerable moment that it was

It was like you granted some hidden wish

I loved the mere thought of you every day after


A distant place… a place where they say lovers go

But we are more than meets the eye… more than the hands can feel

Our connection runs like the crystal clear streams unheard of

In vast areas and back woods

And known by only a few

Our business is no one’s business

On the scene for all to see but still somehow a secret

At first glance by the world it’s a mis-match

That’s why they missed the match

We fit so perfectly

Like missing pieces to our puzzles

From lips touching, our first connection

To hands intertwining to legs doing the same

Your skin… you’re so comfortable in it

I wish to join you

Let’s touch every part of one another

Outside and in…


If I had a locket your picture would be there

You see, the love I contain will outlive me

Heaven will continue to bestow it upon earth

That positive energy

A transcendent legacy

That keeps people together and involved

The air they breathe will be kindness

The sea will wash away all fears

The memory of our moment will remind them that love

Even very well hidden

Is always here

Looking for but a crack to seep through like the light of sun

No more than you can halt earth’s orbit can anyone stifle such a powerful thing

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