Intoxication is by the only means I do so
I honestly cannot tolerate you sober
Alcohol awakens me from your horror
You are the complete opposite of what I dream of
I guess that makes you my nightmare that lays
Next to me every night…
Yet with each sip you look better and better
I need not worry about emotions with the numb feeling
And slurred speech I possess in this state of being
I stagger around and put on a crooked smile
To symbolize my tornado inside me I’m hiding
I know it sounds selfish… I know…
It sounds worse than you make it seem
In actuality this fallacy of analogies
Is for you
I don’t want to hurt you
I don’t want to break your heart
(But I do want to leave you)
(You won’t give me a reason to)
Take my passion full of Patron
Immerse yourself in me while I talk through Jack Daniels
Fill my sex meter full of Tequila
Yes… there you have it because that’s
The only way you’ll have it
Apparently some part of me has to truly love you
In order for me to do bad to do good
Until I figure it out…. Just know….
I love you… from the bottom of my glass.


  • R.Rivas Posted February 16, 2015 4:54 pm

    Wow another great work man

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