I invaded my own home’s privacy

I came home to moans and groans

And a sex smell emitting from a place

Where I was supposed to be the “master”

My own “bedroom…”

The door was cracked; I crumbled at the

Sight of this beat on top of my beauty

Sweating in my sheets…

Masturbating on my mattress

My blood was boiling….on fire

But I felt like siting in ashes

I should have went off… but it turned me on

The way she caressed his body

The way their kisses formed so perfectly

His stroke deep into her Nile River

Her face was priceless, just like the

Wedding band I could not help but see

She still had on even though by this

Time all the cover were ripped off the bed

He tore down her walls

While holding her against the wall

I was pleasuring myself while hurting

Internally seeing it all

We all climaxed at the same time

Then she looked into my eyes

As the tears ran so did I

I disappeared into the night

Before she could even grab her gown

I shot her a text and said,

“You screwed him and screwed my mind.

He did a great job. You should hire him.

As for me I won’t be coming back.

I have to move forward, but thanks for the mental intercourse.

I really appreciate it.”

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