I wish you would take a second to

Have a minute with me

Every day you just wake up and shower

Without even a good morning or

A kiss to awaken me fully…

You get dressed and leave me

I am tired of five minute phone calls

On your lunch break

I hear you but I can’t feel you

Touch you… see you…

When you get home

Nothing changes…

We can’t even have an hour to call ours

It feels like it’s been years since we

Have even looked into each other’s eyes

And became lost and found

I feel like I am on my monthly weekly

Because of the daily routine we have

I know there is a time for everything

But we don’t do anything

“Time waits for nothing”

As Musiq Soulchild said

I am giving you my all

All I am asking…

Is for you to take a little time

To be with me

Can you do that for me baby?

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