My rent is due on the first

On the second, I lost my job

I have been trying to look for

Something “fast” but not even

“Food” places will hire me

My fiance left me

She said it was the right

Thing for her and our son

Honestly…. I agree

She had left a long time

In every other way

Might as well leave physically too

My family, calls me chip

Won’t help me with the

Burden on my shoulder

So I took a walk

I saw the birds of the air

And the fish of the sea

The radiance of the sun

Made my heart skip

As it beat on me

I sat in the field

And the grass welcomed my

Behind, comforting my ass-urance

That everything will be alright

I laid back and looked around the beautiful scenes

The wildlife, nature and realized

Surely if God can take of them

He will heal my heartache

He will make a way for me to survive

He will sustain me and bring me out

So I stood…

And came to the conclusion

Despite what I am going through

I am fortunate

to survive

He will sustain me and bring me out

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