Every day…

Every day I wake up….

Every day I wake up to your beautiful face

Every day I wake up to your beautiful face

And some type of argument when you open your eyes

I either slept the wrong way, didn’t hold you in your sleep

Or passed gas while I was asleep and you smelled it.

My breakfast is a bowl of “past mistakes”

My lunch is an “I told you” sandwich

My dinner is a plate of “prove it” with “mmhmm” for dessert

I can’t have a beer after a long day

Without me drinking too much and being

Deemed an alcoholic in your eyes

I can’t take a shower without first

Explaining how I got home

I can’t go to bed without doing that thing

You told me I forgot to do

I just want one day where argue-free

I wish there was a law against arguing

I just want us to again know what peace is

Before our friendship/relationship/marriage falls to pieces

I surrender mine ears to your suggestions

I surrender mine hands to work it out

I surrender mine heart as a seal of love to you

I will give it all up to be better with you and for you

But baby please…

Can we stop fighting?


  • idalia Posted February 8, 2015 4:38 am

    I want to stop arguing too…..

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