Its a shame that you’re leaving
This evening shouldn’t leave you

Pissed off
Your time is worth more than the cost
Of this wine that we shared in celebration

Which leaves me at a loss
Of how we even got to this brawl
I promise I’m a nice guy
I wasn’t trying to get in your drawls

I might as well be talking to a wall…

Because I’m speaking from the heart

And you don’t believe it at all

I’m in trouble here… who do I call
You said back off and so I did a humble withdraw
I only wanted to hold you but
You insisted that my statement was wrong
As we argue tuning out Luther Vandross
When I said I love you, you stood

Up as if it were the last straw
Please stay… I’m in my knees
Even if I have to humiliate myself and crawl

And stand for love never planning to fall
Because I know you were sent from heaven
And until that is embedded
In your heart
From mine I’ll keep singing my song…

You’re worth it.

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