It feels like I have been stuck in

This chapter for years

Just when it seems like we

Are on the same page…

You turn over a new leaf

One second you love me

The next minute…

You have someone

Hours I cry and hide the pain

That stretches over the distance

Between us

What seems so right

Often has me left confused

Are we or are we not?

I’d give anything to have you

But everything just hasn’t been enough

You’ve been my queen

To whose beauty I bow

My healer after battle

My pillar to lean on in weakness

Now I have to ask…

Why were you here if…

You never wanted me to be there

It seems like all of this has

Been a fairytale with a sad ending

I never knew life could seem so…


Maybe none of this was real

Maybe I fooled myself

I’m sorry…

It won’t happen again

Time to face reality

No matter how ugly it is…

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