I’ve broken my back for those I knew

Stabbed in the back by the same

I’ve given my last to those I know

Only to get stepped on and watch them grow

I have expressed love to relatives

And significant others

Only to be violated by them both

My girl kissed a guy I called my brother

And they say…

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

With friends like I have, you don’t need enemies…

I gave a flower to a random girl

It brightened her world

And the world around her

When she blushed and smiled with a thank you

I helped a man up from a fall

He gave me 10 dollars

I didn’t know him at all

I told an old lady she looks nice today

She shed a tear because it brightened her day

I threw a little kid  football

Back that fell into the street

He smiled with glee

After receiving the catch…

I walk around now…

In a world full of people

Most of which I don’t know

But seem to be more connected to

Than the ones I do

Mama said don’t talk to them

But honestly

I think I like strangers.

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