“Let My Word’s Works Speak For Me” (The Poet’s Prayer)

This poem is based on the bible scripture John 10:38.

Dear Lord, I kneel to you now with a bowed head and a humble pen. I first must give thanks to you for my ability to lay pen to paper, for it is you who gives these divine words power.  Yea, you have given me a mighty task to create lyrical miracles, but you have also assigned me my own styles and genres. I pray for an open heart with patience and discernment covering every letter that passes through. Do not allow me to be anxious for any posting of my work for people to perceive and marvel my pieces. I ask for a steady hand to paint pictures never seen before in dialogue. I ask for a sound mind to withstand any negativity that may try to nullify my notions. Let the wisdom that I write be worn on the backs of t-shirts and hung in bathrooms and jazz clubs. Let my creativity be discussed over cups of coffee and book reviews.  Contrarily, do not allow me to become boastful in my own diction making popularity an addiction…

Grant me the gift of giving you glory in my stanzas. Shine light on my pen and direct me to where you wish my writing should go. Let the ink flow as the precious fountain that is free to all as a healing stream up at Calvary’s Mountain. Let ruptured souls find peace in my rhythms. Alas, do not let me sway from the path you have set for me deterring others from their paths just the same as they read my work. Let me yield not to temptation to use my gift for evil, but rather deliver others from it. Let the tears I shed on the page be evaporated and rain down showers of blessings to readers. Give my hand the unremitting strength to never let go of my pen and write in and out of season. Let me put my life in my words, laying down my life on paper as your Son laid down his for me.

Father… O Father… Give me the confidence and tolerance of a slave. Motivate my mind to never back down and always drive forward. As the blood drips from my fingers from holding on oh so tight.. Let me drive forward. As the rain hits my pages let me guard them with my life… Let me drive forward. As people try to twist the meaning of my sayings, humble me in professionalism and find favor upon me.. Let me drive forward. When arthritis sets in and I can barely lift my hands… Let me drive forward. When this body finally fails me and breath has left this body O’Lord… When my hands can do no more and my brain is finally thought free. When my soul has ascended, though many told me to go to hell for simply speaking the truth. I do not ask for pity. I do not ask for a memorial. I do not request for my name to be remembered in lights forever. Father, all I desire… all I am working for… Is to essentially without a shadow of a doubt… leave my life on paper. If they change not but one life, that is enough for me, because my work was not in vain…  Let my word’s works speak for me.

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