I miss you… I wish to kiss you

I keep busy not to reminisce but you

Always find a way to bother me in all ways

No calls, no texts, no pictures

Just memories of things of which I wish I didn’t partake

Your arms wrapped around my v-shaped torso

Your emotions tangled in mine

Our voices serenading in conversation

The joyful echoes of past glee pain my ears

The feelings brought again make me

Tingle then tremble

Maybe it’s a symbol…

That I should reach out

And breach out of my contract

Of no contact with you

But then I say to myself

I can’t and start a rant

In my thought process of our

Days of old that made me feel so young

The silent phrase “I love you”

Fills the air as we both pretend not to care

Telling ourselves it was a fling… a phase

So I fling my tears from my eyes

As you fade from my vision with each step

Yes… I love you

Yes… I adore you

Yes… I want to hug you

Yes… I want more of you

But I have had to come to realize with

My real eyes that we are over

So for the sake of both of us…

I must stay away and….

Keep it hidden


  • Flowerpoetrywoman Posted July 29, 2016 5:53 am

    Is it possible to be hidden treasure? That it wasnt hidden, yet misplaced…it wasnt for pretend….just lack of knowledge. Your silence kept me lost. Your body language sent me in the wrong direction. Your attitude made me afraid. My position made me loose faith. My vulnerbility gave me a set back. However, my Love for you never changed. My hands still feel the ripples of Your torso. My nose still smell Your fragrance. My heart still beats for you. My mind still hear you calling my name. I Miss you more than life itself. I love you unconditional, i adore you with a forehead kiss. I want more of you as God intends for a Man and woman to be.

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