My friend, my enemy

Scarred bruised

Battered used

Humiliated skewed

By women for all types of use

I’m through…

I give up on love

And give in to reality

Naturally I’m a fallacy

That is not good I’m balancing

With the opposite

I’m supposed to be attracted to

Since my worth is dirt cheap

They hurt me

Burn me shock me

But no longer surprise me

Lying, cheating

Secret meetings

Hidden texts

And deleted messages

Not to mention neglect

Are child’s play to me now

Pictures flirting

With people they feel worthy

Leading them to the room

While leading me on

Has left me off

So I turn to the only way I

Know to go…

I had “1” last nerve

And it has been turned “80” degrees

I have done all I can

Maybe i’ll do better with a man

I have nothing else to say

I’m gay

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