Sitting by the river
Watching waters travel
So carefree and serene
In their motions and gestures
My eyes wandered to the
Scenery of rocks and debris
Along the edges and
In the river bank
Eroding and broken down
Were they from the constant
Nagging of the water
At its contents
Nothing stopped the water
Nothing stopped its direction
It’s purpose… its determination
Its unremitting in conquering
The obstacles that troubled it
Whether it had to go around it
Under it, over it or just
Deal with over time
To get through it
The water ceased not
In its progress
Only to reciprocate and go
Again eventually
Much like the love so
Many of us are searching for…
Let it flow…
From one heart to another
Let it flow…
In your actions and through
The troubles of the world
Let it flow
Freely and not forced or
Just going through the motions
You want love?
Let it flow…

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