I have a daily routine. I get up and I proceed to go to my daily occupation, much like most. Upon returning to my humble abode, I strip my  from my worn body and I relax for a bit. After having a t.v. dinner. I place on my street clothes (which consist of all black) and I go for a walk, or, well, what seems to be a walk. Well, I actually go to the back of the building and climb the ladder to the vent. What? there’s nothing wrong with cleaning my vent inside out, right? It’s an old building, and it gets stuffy often. I am merely doing a good deed! Don’t you judge me! so what if I just happen to pass a couple of other rooms through the vent before I get to my own!?! So what if I may accidentally take a peak at a girl I admire!?! I cleaned her vent! I deserve a peak, right!?! Right!?!

Her body is perfect. I love every curve and bump. Her but is an upside down heart to compliment her v-shape. She wears and afro with a head scarf and sometimes a flower. Oh, how I wish I were one of them, so I could simply touch her and be with her all day. The mere thought of her name turns me on… A$#/_3Y. Tonight, I think I will get a closer look… Hmmm. She isn’t drinking her grape concord wine as usual. Why does she have Wild Irish Rose? could it be? She found someone! No! She’s mine! Darnnit! I must keep quiet… Ok. Let me gather myself and get out of here. Ouch! My hand! I’m bleeding. Shoot, I can’t stop the bleeding. Oh no! It’s going to the vent! No!!! I cannot believe my blood just dropped into her glass. Do I say something? Do I save her!?! No, I can’t. Then my cover is blown. Maybe nothing will happen.

It’s been two hours now. She hasn’t drank the blood, I mean Wild Irish Rose. I may be in the clear. I knew I could trust her. She’s been alone this whole time. Who’s knocking at the door? Who’s this character!?! I knew she couldn’t be trusted! That lying, no good woman! As many times as I have gotten your paper! As many times as I walked her dog and made sure she was okay! For all I have done, this is the way you treat me!?! You deserve everything coming to you!?! I can’t go anywhere now. All I know is they had better not get too close! She will always be mine. I’ll kill her! If I can’t have her, no man will! Yea, keep smiling. No… No no-no!!! Don’t drink the bitter cup! Stop!!! Please Don’t!!!!! No!! Baby, please get up! Please, please get up. I know, you’re just playing. Ha! Can’t fool me! Now get up and stop scaring the poor guy. No seriously get up. Don’t you tell me she’s not breathing! Why are you calling 911!?! It’s a joke! It’s a joke darnitt!?! She’s not dead! She’s not dead! … Well, if I can’t have her… no man will. I killed her…. With a shot of love.

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